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Escape The Rooms: Hospital Horror Escape Game by Yongqiang Zhou - Walkthrough

Escape The Rooms:Hospital Horror Escape Games by Yongqiang Zhou
kuroh kun : How did you get the rest of the number 8:15?
Tilly Stockley : Thanks g

Park Escape Walkthrough [PapaBox]

Park Escape - Escape Room Game Walkthrough [PapaBox]
Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6
Chapter 7 walkthrough:
Chapter 8 walkthrough:
Play here:
For Android:
Find more escape games on
Собакин Сын : Я так и знала,что ты русский,по твоему акценту,и по окну на русскому языке на 2:23:36
V Game4u : How many subs?
Luísa Gimenez : 1:23:30 love how it took you a little time to figure that out
Night Walker : 2:24:32
ryan.pasquier : We need the next chapter plz
After the last chapter of this video There's a game where you are on a tablet (you are supposed to calculate)... However... In our country we don't calculate in the same way (this is a Chinese game I think) so I don't understand the signs ~^~
sarang hanuuu : I don't get 1:28:07 HAHAHAHAHA I want to understand what it means. Yeah yeah I'm dumb
Ivy bru : That dot thing I cant get
forrealiwantagoodlife : At 43:25 the number did not show up....why thoo....
James187 Pingkian : papabox
Krizelle Magana : 2:12:46




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